Mission Statement

The Utah Mandarin Immersion Parent Council (UMIC) is a volunteer organization that promotes excellence, equity and collaboration among Utah’s Chinese immersion schools. We are a resource for parents looking to make the most of their children’s education.

Our objectives:

  • Keep parents connected and informed
  • Inform, advance and support Utah’s Chinese immersion program

Toward achieving those objectives, we pledge to:

  • Compile and share resources, news of cultural events, homework tips, learning tools
  • Work closely with state and local leaders so that we can have a voice to support and influence policy.
  • Work within our schools to facilitate conversations with parents, teachers and administrators, address problems and concerns that arise and brainstorm solutions.
  • Recruit and organize volunteers for classrooms and extracurricular activities
  • Raise money for classroom materials, instructional aids, other school needs and council goals
  • Contribute to and participate in schoolwide events, serve on and support PTA and school community councils
  • Forge alliances with multicultural groups and corporations with vested interests in building a bilingual workforce

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with Utah’s Dual Language Immersion program, but we owe a special thanks to state and district officials for their guidance and support. This web site is a collaborative effort, fed and pampered by parents wanting to share what they’ve learned through trial and error.

Get involved!
Let us know what you think about information you find on this web site. Was it helpful? Are you interested in volunteering? Know of a cool app, web site or cultural event? Please share! Email: kami.mcmaster@gmail.com or johnhiltoniii@byu.edu

Special thanks to Anthony Hadden at Hadden3.com who designed our logos!

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