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How Utah celebrates Chinese New Year

Thanks to the University of Utah’s Confucius Institute for providing this summary of Chinese New Year events:

  • Most immediately, on Saturday, Feb. 6 at 12:15 p.m. there will be a Chinese Cultural Celebration at the City Library in downtown Salt Lake (see details below).
  • On Saturday, Feb. 13 at 7:00 p.m. Cottonwood High School will host its annual Chinese New Year Cultural Performance.
  • As we mentioned before, Lehi High School’s popular and well-established celebration will be held at the school on Monday, Feb. 15th at 5 p.m. Admission is $2 per person.
  • And on Saturday, Feb. 27 from 4-7 p.m. Jordan High School will host a “Year of the Monkey” spring festival. Admission is $2 (see details below).

City Library in downtown Salt Lake





Come celebrate ‘Year of the Monkey’ at Lehi High

Lehi High’s Chinese students are hosting their annual Chinese New Year Celebration on Monday, Feb. 15th at 5 p.m. Admission is $2 per person. From 5-6:45 p.m. there will be about 25 booths with Chinese cultural activities and crafts for kids of all ages, followed by a short program with a Lion Dance and Dragon Dance at 7 p.m. Restaurants will be on hand to sell food—cash only. New activities this year include: knot tying, jump rope, fan dance, button making and much more.

2016 Lehi High small.jpg

2016 Lehi High schedule small.jpg


Utah Mom Organizes “Mandarin-only” outings for kids


Krissy Shull from Alpine had a great idea to organize mini, “Mandarin-only” field trips to some of our local parks, museums and other attractions. This is a great opportunity to give students a chance to practice their Chinese in a relaxed atmosphere with other students from across the state. And through recognition that other kids are learning Mandarin, too, it could serve to reinforce the fun and importance of being bilingual. Shull says her tour group is open to anyone wanting to participate. Or parents can start their own tour groups.

She’ll post dates and times on this Facebook page. Here are some details on the first outing:

When: Tuesday August 4, 2015 @ 1:30pm
Where: Thanksgiving Point Museum of Natural Curiosity
3605 Garden Dr, Lehi, UT 84043
Cost: $2/person ($2 Tuesday price for the month of August)

Plan to get in line around 1:30 p.m. Each family will go through the museum independently or can group together. To encourage the children to interact with other Mandarin speakers you may want to have them bring 10 pieces of colored paper with their Chinese name written on them (2″ X 2″ may work well) to exchange with other Mandarin speakers. Your family may want to wear something with Chinese writing, etc, to help identify yourselves as a part of the Mandarin speaking group.

About the Museum:
The Museum of Natural Curiosity is a large glass-walled building housing more than 400 science- & nature-themed interactive exhibits.

More summer learning opportunities for your kids

(Photo courtesy of the Provo Herald, which featured Su Mama’s storytelling club and camp).
Utahns are entrepreneurial, so it makes sense that so many summer camps have popped up since the launch of the state’s Mandarin Immersion program seven years ago. It’s nice to see so many summertime learning opportunities for our kids! Here are three more to add to the growing list:
  • In a world of rapid change, the future will be shaped by those who are prepared to interact in a global society. The ability to speak another language, especially Chinese, will be a great asset to your child. Provo, UT-based YanYan believes that your student’s Chinese immersion experience will foster the drive, perspective, and proficiency to make a positive impact in all they do. At YanYan, we are passionate about enabling you and your student with the learning tools to succeed, not only in mastering the language, but in preparing for their future as lifelong learners. Visit our website at
  • Su Mama Chinese Immersion Summer Camp is pleased to announced that our guest storyteller, Chen Ma Ma, will serve for our Chinese Immersion Summer Camp 2015. Amanda Conklin (Su Ma Ma) and Chen Mama will provide a summer camp for students at Wasatch Elementary. They are both native Mandarin Chinese speakers and skilled storytellers (Chen Ma Ma is an award winning storyteller). They will teach groups according to language proficiency. Language events will be based around lots of Chinese story books. Students will be able to learn the skills to ask, ponder, discuss, organize information, and recreate new stories. Thursdays are special event days where we will be doing such things as doing science experiments, using music to learn Chinese, playing Chinese Games and other activities. During summer camp participation children will also be able to learn a play and participate a play with Pen Pal school visitors from Taiwan-JhuCiao Elementary in August.Groups will be taught by 2 teachers and a guest volunteer. Children will be grouped by ability. To register:

Summer camp: Why kids should sing to learn Chinese


“There’s a reason we have two ears and one mouth. Listen first, speak later, then learn the grammar and write. Don’t rush into speaking. Learn the sounds of your languages first. It does not matter if at first you do not understand. You may start singing along without even knowing what you are singing. You are not only learning the rhythm of the language, you are learning new vocabulary.” — Polyglot author of “Language is Music,” Susanna Zaraysky.


Utah Dual Immersion teacher, Alisa Wu is, once again, offering her popular “We Sing, We Learn,” music-based Chinese summer camp. Speaking from personal experience, I can attest that she offers a rock-solid curriculum that engages kids and makes learning fun. More interesting –– and perhaps, persuasive –– is this excerpt from her website describing how her personal language-learning journey informs her teaching style:

Alisa grew up in Taiwan, where the native language is Mandarin. But “in response to an increasingly global economy, Taiwan’s Ministry of Education implemented policy, requiring schools to teach English (ESL) as a portion of their curriculum,” Wu’s website explains. At age 10, Wu struggled to engage with a “monotonous” English curriculum, it continues. “However, everything soon changed, as a teacher introduced the children to a popular American song, “Hello” by Lionel Richie, at the end of class one day. It was in that moment, as she found herself lost in the music, that she finally connected with the new language. She would translate the entire song that day, looking up every single word in the dictionary. She would never forget that day, and as the years passed, she became increasingly interested in a link between music and language, an interest that would influence both her education and her future. …As the years passed, Alisa enrolled at the Teacher’s college in Taiwan, where she was first introduced to the integration of activities and instruments in the classroom. The material that captivated her most, however, was the idea of transforming stories into songs; an idea that would first reveal, the ability for music and language to be taught together.”

Enrollment is open now for the week-long, split-day (morning and afternoon session) camps, which are held at Salt Lake Community College. You can find more information or register online at :

Summer camps abroad: Play with pandas in Chengdu

An interesting summer camp opportunity for your preteen:

Sino Language & Beyond has been a responsible and reliable immersion Chinese program provider for more than ten years. We take care of every detail of a summer Chinese camp to provide a great and safe learning experience to students. We remain dedicated to promoting cultural and educational exchange for young people between China and the U.S.

In the summer of 2015, students will have three options with two different locations to earn community service credits or to explore Chinese learning:

1. Volunteer with Pandas in Chengdu- Students can earn 55 community service hours.

2. Leadership & Service in Beijing- Students can obtain up to 80 community service hours.

3. Chinese Language & Culture, Beijing- Intensive Chinese learning at all levels and daily one-on-one oral practice with local students.

In addition, if there are more than EIGHT students in your school to participate one of our summer camps in 2015, the teacher/leader will be able to accompany students with the same trip free of charge. We will be very glad to provide more details about our summer camps in China, tailor-made school trips, as well as our TOTAL SOLUTION SERVICE.The relevant camp information, introduction and news about SLB are sent as attachments with this email.

Dear Vice Presidents, we appreciate your valuable time to view our outstanding summer camps in China, and to share this activity information with your students and parents through UMIC newsletter and by posting the camp information on your resource links.

Meanwhile, in order to convey our sincere support in your Chinese immersion program, Sino Language & Beyond will made a donation to your Chinese Immersion Program according to your students’ successful registration to our summer camps in China.

Please feel free to contact us (1-408-360 9958) at any time for any further information. And wish you have a wonderful working day and looking forward to hearing from you soon!!

Keep those Mandarin skills fresh at summer camp


Two Mandarin teachers from Jordan School District are hosting a summer camp starting in June at a karate studio in Herriman, UT.

The half-day, week-long camps run Monday through Thursday in split sessions (morning and afternoon). By the looks of their website, they’re fun and affordable; $85 per week if you register by May 30.

Enrollment is now open. For more information see the following brochure, or email Glenn Lim-Anderson or Lay Kou at: Chinese Summer Program-2  

Cultural exchange for elementary immersion students

Amanda Conklin, a parent at Wasatch Elementary is planning a trip for immersion students to Taiwan. Students can get penpals prior to going and they will be meeting at schools and doing other great activities. Please see the following for more details:

Dear Chinese Immersion Parents,

Su Ma Ma Chinese Club has initiated several large projects, with great success. Currently, one of these projects is the International Pen Pal Program. Students who participate in this program have fun sharing the culture with each other, not only by writing but also through themes that we talk about in class. Recently, one of our Taiwan Pen Pal Schools (Sagor School) visited Wasatch Elementary and Aspen Elementary. During this visit, the students from Taiwan participated in English classes and visited Chinese Immersion classes at the schools. Students from both countries enjoyed learning from each other. The teachers from Taiwan brought amazing lessons into the Chinese Immersion classes with storytelling and sciences. We are creating a similar experience for our students in Utah, and are planning a trip to Taiwan in June 2015. You can learn more about us by following us on Facebook at Su Ma Ma Chinese Club.

Benefits of this program trip to Taiwan:

  • We will visit most of our pen pal schools (Currently there are 8 Taiwanese schools participating).
  • Your children will be able to personally meet their pen pals.
  • Pen Pal Schools provide a safe learning environment and nice host families.
  • We will visit many beautiful national parks and cities.
  • We are providing a longer cultural experience with a very fair price.
  • Taiwan is a very safe and friendly country to visit. Taiwan has kept many Chinese traditions while adopting a westernized lifestyle.
  • Due to our Pen Pal School resources, we will be visiting Taiwan for 2015. In the future, we will provide similar program to China.

LEAF Cultural Exchange, LLC will help provide travel assistance by arranging airfare, transportation, food, host family, etc. The estimated cost of the trip will be approximately $2,850.00 to $3,400.00 for 4 weeks. A bigger group could help cut down the cost.

You are invited to attend a 90 minute informational meeting held at Provo School District Office PDC on Thursday, March 12th, 2015 at 7:00 p.m.

(280 West 940 North, Provo, Ut, 84604)

If you are interested in this incredible cultural opportunity, please contact us and plan to attend this meeting.

Amanda ConklinSu Ma Ma Chinese Club


Dorian ConklinLeaf Cultural Exchange


This trip is not a school district or state sponsored event.

Su Ma Ma Chinese Club, LEAF Cultural Exchange and Pen Pal Schools in Taiwan are organizing this trip.

Lecture: The beauty of traditional Chinese characters

As parents of Mandarin learners you may have wondered: What’s the difference between traditional and simplified Chinese characters?
WHAT: The Chinese Society of Utah, Taiwan Academy and BYU’s Flagship Center are sponsoring a free lecture on the beauty of traditional Chinese characters
WHEN: Wednesday, Nov. 5 at 6:30 p.m.
WHERE: SLCC, Miller Campus (9750 S 300 W, Sandy, UT 84070)
WHO: Featuring Dr. Matthew Christensen, BYU professor and Director, Chinese Flagship Center
RSVP: The event is free and open to the public (see attached flier for details) but space is limited, so please RSVP to

Autumn Festival at Jordan Park, Sept. 27

Cultural opportunity: 2014 Double Tenth National Day Celebration.

Hosted by: Chinese Cultural Center Association, Chinese Society of Utah (Taiwan), Salt Lake Bing Kong Tong

When: Saturday, September 27, 11:30 a.m. (flag ceremony begins at noon).

Where: International Peace Garden/Large East Pavilion, Jordan Park (1060 South 900 West)

Lunch and drinks will be served.

誠摯的邀請您, 9月2 7日雙十升旗典禮暨中秋節聚餐 中華文化中心, 猶他州中華聯誼會(及所叻秉 公堂聯合主辦慶祝民國103年雙十國慶升旗典禮暨中秋節聚餐。 9月27日( 星期 六)中午十二時, 於和平公園International Peace Garden/Large East Pavilion, Jordan Park (1060 South 900 West)舉行。駐舊金山經辦處傅處長伉儷及林組長將蒞臨主持, 屆時並提供領務收件服務(駐舊金山台北經濟文化辦事處領務新聞稿如下)。 中華文化中心, 猶他州中華聯誼會及所叻秉公堂將免費提供午餐便當及飲料。 午餐及月餅餐劵將於當日升旗典禮前,11:30am — 12:00pm 於和平公園內發贈。 敬請報名以備足食物。歡迎大家踴躍報名參加 ! 801-872-3538, 本處訂於2 0 1 4年9月27日(星期六)派員至鹽湖城辦理領務收件服務(稿) 張貼日期:2014/9/6 為加強服務猶他地區僑胞,中華民國駐舊金山台北經濟文化辦事處訂於本 ( 103) 年9月27日( 星期六) 派員前往鹽湖城辦理領務收件服務, 收件時 間及地點如下:下午1時整至下午2時30分在鹽湖城國際和平公園(1060 South 900 West Salt Lake City, UT 84104, United States )。 當日領務收件服務項目包括:申請中華民國護照、申請中華民國簽證、辦 理授權書及各項文件驗證。現場僅辦理收件, 辦事處製作完成後再郵寄回 申請人, 請自備6美元或9美元( 護照專用) 郵票之回郵信封並填妥地址。 為避免僑胞所需文件或證件不全而無法辦理,辦事處特別提醒申請人預先 準備好下列各項證件及資料: 一、如要換發中華民國護照, 費用45美元, 請準備兩張照片( 2×2、正面、白底、彩色五官清晰、六個月內拍攝)及舊 護照( 役齡男子必須提供役畢或免役證明,未服役男子須提供在學證明), 如舊護照上無身分證字號, 請申請人另備妥中華民國身分證或戶籍謄本 ( 影本亦可) ,如申請人持有美國護照或綠卡,亦請攜帶正本及影本( 影 本留本處存查) 。二、申請中華民國簽證者, 請先上領務局網站 https://visa weba pp. boca . gov. tw/BOCA_MRVWe b/subr oot/MRVWe b0_f orm.jsp填 寫申請表,費用160美元。請攜帶中華民國護照正本及影本( 影本留本處存 查),未成年之國人子女申請簽證,請另提供出生證明及父或母中華民國 護照正本及影本( 影本留本處存查) 。三、辦理授權書者請本人親自前來 辦理, 費用每份15美元, 請備妥有效中華民國護照正本及影本( 影本留本 處存查) 。四、辦理各項文件驗證者, 英文原件驗證費用每份15美元、中 譯本每份15美元(先需經轄區公證人公證), 請申請人備妥文件正本及有效 之中華民國護照正本及影本( 影本留本處存查),欲驗證之文件請另準備 一份影本留本處存查。 倘僑胞對領務收件應備文件及應付費用有任何疑問, 可上辦事處網站 http://www.r oc- ta iwa n. or g/us/sf o查詢並下載所需表格, 或事先向辦事處詢問相關 資訊( T EL :41 5- 362- 7681分機125) 。