Monthly Archives: January 2013

Alert: Parent-school meetings

Don’t miss the chance to learn how you, as parents, can best support your Mandarin learner. Canyons School District principals are holding the next round of informational meetings. Here are the dates:
o Ridgecrest- Jan. 15, April 9 (5:30)

o Lone Peak- Feb. 27, May 22 (4:00)

o Draper-  January 10, Feb. 27, April 18 (6-7)

Map of Chinese immersion programs

Looking for an immersion program near you?

A Brigham Young University professor has created a map of Mandarin schools across the country using data collected by the Mandarin Immersion Parents Council in San Francisco.

Kind of an eye-opener to see how fast this model of foreign language instruction is spreading.