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Chinese artists, calligraphists coming to Antelope Island

Chinese artists and calligraphists are coming to Antelope Island for a plein air painting excursion at 9 a.m. on Thursday, Nov. 1. The activity precedes a signing ceremony at the Visitor’s Center at 1 p.m. to commemorate a sister-parks relationship between Utah State Parks and the China Great Wall Society.
“Antelope Island State Park is pleased to enter into this cooperative relationship,” said Fred Hayes, director of the Division of Utah State Parks and Recreation.  “We share the Society’s mission of protecting and showcasing natural landscapes for visitors, and providing hiking, photography and other recreation opportunities.”
For more information go to:  or call (801) 538-7220.

Utah immersion teacher uses song to reinforce vocabulary

A wonderful video by Alisa Wu, the musically-talented immersion teacher at Lone Peak Elementary in Draper.

She explains: Children get confused about how to say the days in Chinese. In English we only have today, tomorrow, yesterday. But in Chinese we have:

Jin tian—today
Ming tian —tomorrow
Hou tian— the after tomorrow
Da hou tian—two days after tomorrow
Zuo tian—yesterday
Qin tian-Two days ago
Da qin tian–Three days ago

So she created a song to help

Memo to Canyons DI parents

Don’t miss the chance to learn how you, as parents, can best support your Mandarin learner. Canyons School District principals are holding three informational meetings this year. Here are the dates:
o Ridgecrest-Oct. 23, Jan. 15, April 9 (5:30)

o Lone Peak-Oct. 24, Feb. 27, May 22 (4:00)

o Draper- Oct. 30, January 10, Feb. 27, April 18 (6-7)