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Immersion teacher among educators to win $10,000 Huntsman prize

As parents we often forget to express gratitude to the educators who run the English side of Utah’s language immersion programs. These teachers take on responsibility for double the typical number of students with no extra pay. They make sure our kids, as they struggle to learn a new language, don’t fall behind in reading or math. And, as this story in  The Salt Lake Tribune illustrates, they do it with “vigor and confidence.”

Thanks to parent Valenka Leavitt for nominating Brigham City educator Suzanne Moss for a $10,000 Huntsman prize.

From The Tribune:

“She teaches in a rural area of Utah and is often faced with many challenges … But instead of getting burned out and worn down she takes on more responsibility despite these precarious times.” Although her role as the English teacher for Foothill’s new Chinese Immersion program comes with no extra pay and a slew of new challenges, “she has taken on this new responsibility with vigor and confidence.” — Valenka Leavitt, parent